Pasolini: a narrative mode Ana Isabel Soares

Conversas / Masterclasses


Pasolini says that ‘the beauty of light is, in some manner of its own, serving my narrative’. In this presentation I propose to pay attention to Pasolini’s narrative mode, based around invention (poiesis), which has him poetically exploring the production of images interacting with a musical soundtrack in cinema, as well as the prosody with which he weaves verses in his multiform poems. These are different artistic processes, but they spring from the same, unique creative impulse, that of the individual in the process of creation. I will be doing a close-reading of some of the sonnets, and I will screen excerpts from The Gospel According to St. Matthew (1964) and The Hawks and the Sparrows (1966), as well as the three works that make up The Trilogy Of Life - Decameron (1970), The Canterbury Tales (1972) and Arabian Nights (1974).