Campo Tiago Hespanha and Luísa Homem

Conversas / Masterclasses


In my film Campo/The Field of Mars, which I will be showing at FICLO, I started by exploring an extreme space, where war is simulated but life is real. I grew closer to the men and animals that live there, and found excitement, obsession, curiosity, but also routine and boredom. I realised, then, that this Campo (field) was as real to me as it was imaginary. My experience there was a constant indication of the transcendence of the world and life, larger than this space. This led me on a search for stories that contained signs of what we are, how we view ourselves and how we perceive the world. These are stories that range from mythology to space exploration. Gathering these elements, I tried to grasp the matter and energy that define us, to come close to bodies and breathing. I thought about genius and fragility, and what makes us unique yet insignificant at the same time. Campo is a film in which I note the ephemeral, the grandiose and the absurd that define our life on this planet.

Invited by FICLO to speak about my work in Campo, I thought the best idea would be to propose an “unscripted journey” behind the scenes of the film: to share stories, anecdotes, the ideas that gave rise to scenes, references to other films that inspired me, to show excerpts and allow for the curiosity raised by the film to lead the way to an intuitive conversation during which we will surely create a new field.