Valley of Souls [Tantas Almas] Nicolás Rincón Gille

National première

International Competition

Ficção – CO, 2019, 137' – V.O.: Espanhol – Subtitles: Português e Inglês

After a long night fishing, José returns to his home deep in the forest to discover that paramilitary forces have killed his two sons, Dionísio and Rafael, and dumped their bodies in the river. José sets out on a lonely journey to recover them and bury their mortal remains to prevent their tormented souls from being stuck in this world. Paddling his canoe, José discovers the magic of a country torn to shreds. The idea for this movie started in 2008, when Nicolás Rincón Gille was doing the fieldwork for his documentary Los Abrazos del Río (2010). Paramilitary violence had devastated that part of Colombia, and the director decided to travel along the river Magdalena, gathering eye-witness accounts. It was then that Rincón Gille understood that telling stories was a way to re-organize the world and regain terrain lost to violence. Valley of Souls tries to transmit the beautiful energy that comes from a man who has lost everything except the capacity to believe. It is the heroic voyage of a fisherman.