Fortress Ludovica Andò, Emiliano Aiello

National première

International Competition

Ficção, Documentário – IT, 2019, 72' – V.O.: Italiano – Subtitles: Português e Inglês

Somewhere between fiction and documentary, Fortezza was filmed inside Civitavecchia prison, with inmates serving as protagonists and co-authors. It is a reinterpretation of one of the most important Italian language novels of the 20th century: Dino Buzzati’s “The Tartar Steppe”. Three soldiers arrive at a desolate military garrison that no longer fulfils any defensive purpose. Three soldiers wait in vain for an enemy that will never come. Here time stands till, only punctuated by strict regulations and an exasperating idleness. In light of the hold this place has over them, they live in fear of it giving meaning to their confinement. Those inside somehow cannot leave and those who leave will never be truly free.