Endless Night [Longa Noite] Eloy Enciso

International Competition

Ficção – Espanha, 2019, 90' – V.O.: Galego – Subtitles: Português e Inglês

Following the Spanish Civil War, Anxo returns to his hometown in the interior of Galicia. Once there, he crosses paths with other characters, the victors and the vanquished of a divided Spain: a widow that doesn’t want to remember, a merchant who emigrates, a republican prisoner who describes his ordeal. The arrival of a letter forces Anxo to cross the border and enter the Long Night of Fascism under Franco. The ghosts everyone thought had been forgotten invade the present. A portrayal of the intimate impact of a war interwoven with literary memories of it: Max Aub, Luis Seoane, Alfonso Sastre, Ramón de Valenzuela and Rodolfo Fogwill.